Back to school 2019

Right, summer is (almost) over and we are sad to see the arrival of the fall, and especially the end of our vacation. But... does going back to school has to be a sad thing?

If you are not ready to make your way back to Hogwarts, here are a couple of things that might help to cheer you up, and make your return from vacation more exciting! Make sure you read till the end ;)


Hair accessories

Harry Potter Hair Accessories set      Harry potter hair accessories set

Going back to school means going back to your Hogwarts uniform in which you will just look like the same as everyone. Get one of these hair accessories, make your hair stylish, and make yourself different from the rest of your class.


Get your hair accessories here >



slytherin sweater  Gryffindor sweater 

With fall approaching, we can expect the temperature to drop gradually. You will very soon need a sweater to keep yourself warm. Pre-order a sweater of your own home and have it delivered in time for this fall before everyone else!

Get your sweater here >


Lightweight scarves

hufflepuff lightweight scarf Ravenclaw lightweight scarf slytherin lightweight scarf

Now available in all Hogwarts houses, these lightweight scarves are one of the must-have items. This item matches different outfit style, professional, school, casual, cosplay... The only thing that remains unchanged will be your magical level!

Get your lightweight scarf here >


Chocolate Frog mold

chocolate frog mold harry potter chocolate frog mold harry potter

"Eat. You'll feel better." Chocolate is something that cheers people up in general. If you are already having some post-vacation blue, the ride back to Hogwarts might not be that easy. Make yourself some Chocolate Frogs with this Chocolate Frog mold so that you can enjoy as much as you wish, and in the way you want it to be! 

Get your Chocolate Frog mold here >


Nimbus 2000 + Quidditch robe

nimbus 2000 harry potterquidditch robe harry potter 

Who says new academic year says new Quidditch season. You will be thrilled to walk into the field with your brand new Nimbus 2000! (not to mention it's in limited edition!!) 

Get your Nimbus 2000 here >

Get your Quidditch robe here >



harry potter socks

Socks have always been one of the subtlest ways to keep your magical identity. Each set of our socks comes with 3 to 5 pairs of socks. It's the new best way to show your Harry Potter pride!

Get your socks here >


Full uniform

Full ravenclaw uniform harry potter

The more dedicated you are, the further you might want to go. To avoid any potential hassle you might go through, opt for a full uniform set which offers you everything you need to be well prepared for your new year at Hogwarts.

Get your full uniform set here >


Discover all the back to school collection here


If, after going through this list, still does not make your return better, here's another good news for you.

From now on till 8 September, we are offering a tattoo set for any purchase over 100£; if your shopping list is shorter than expected, you can also get your tattoo set at half price for any purchase over 75£.

Lavender Cheung

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