Cinereplicas Counterfeit Policy

CINEREPLICAS is a Harry Potter merchandise producer under Warner Bros. license since 2005.

Our Harry Potter themed products are distinguished with high quality and strict compliance with the license. Warner Bros. entrust us in representing their image and our clients place their trust in our authentic and high-quality products. 

Fight Against Counterfeiting

We constantly fight against counterfeiting and do our best to block and end illegal activities whenever we get an information either through commercial websites or Marketplaces such as Amazon.

We are working in collaboration with Warner Bros’ legal department in order to block and delete all the fraudulent websites which try to sell Harry Potter counterfeit products.

CINEREPLICAS Authenticity Guarantee

 In order to identify our authenticity, please ensure the products that you have purchased contain the following:

  • Our brand title and logo CINEREPLICAS
  • Legal mentions of Warner Bros

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us via email


We need your help

If you have doubts about a website or a profile that could be selling Harry Potter without license, please inform us via email


How to recognise a website that sells counterfeit products

Find the tips to help recognise a website that sells counterfeit products:

  • Abusive condition of sale
  • Products without official mention with not clear pictures
  • Price and product value difference


CINEREPLICAS does not guarantee nor endorse any responsibility regarding the counterfeit products or any product that is not manufactured by our factories. If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit product, please contact the product seller directly. You are more than welcome to email us with your suspicions and help us fight against counterfeit.


Thank you for your help and happy shopping!

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