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Who is Cinereplicas?

Founded in 2005, Cinereplicas specializes in merchandise and products inspired by movies.

Companies such as Warner Bros. and Mattel trust us to represent their brand and to produce merchandise on their behalf. Cinereplicas has taken the challenge to offer the highest quality products from the Harry Potter movies. 

Official License merchandise

Specialized in film replicas, Cinereplicas is committed to offering the highest quality merchandise to all dedicated fans whether to buy for themselves or for a gift.

Operating under the official Warner Bros. license for Harry Potter, the Wizarding World and DC Comics, we offer a wide range of products from clothing and kitchenware, to collectibles or authentic life-size replicas.

Premium quality official clothing and gifts

Our products stand out by their quality and strict compliance to the license we operate under. 

Starting with the Harry Potter license, we first produced high quality replicas of clothing seen in the movie series, such as Hogwarts student robes, sweaters, ties and scarves, all available in every Houses so that all fans can showcase their pride as a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

As Harry Potter fanbase grew, we also developed more sizes from children to adults so that the whole family can share this passion for the Wizarding World. We also expanded our ranges to include kitchenware with popular molds for Chocolate Frog or Gringotts coins, as well as partyware with birthday sets and candles.

We continue to add new licences and products to our catalogue, with Fantastic Beast and DC Comics merchandise joining the Cinereplicas family!

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