Brush up for the new Fantastic Beasts

As a few trailers and details about the upcoming movie have been released, let's brush up our Fantastic Beasts updates so far !


Fantastic Beasts

From Popsugar

- Newt Scamander has an older brother, Theseus, who looks like a bit overbearing and he's in a relationship with Leta Lestrange, formerly's Newt love interest. Actor Callum Turner was recently seen in BBC's adaption of War and Peace as Anatole Kuragin in 2016. 

Fantastic Beasts

From Inquisitr

-Claudia Kim plays Maledictus, a young woman affected by a curse slowly turning her into a monster. What's for sure is that on her legs in the official poster you can see shiny bluish/greenish spots which might be the first symptoms of her curse.  The Internet has been trying to discover the monster she could be but so far it's only theories....

Fantastic Beasts

From Villains Wiki

-Credence is back ! Supposedly dead at the end of the first movie, Credence is actually back in the cast, so we are really excited to see how his role will evolve !

More in CNET's article

Cover picture from Inverse

Lavender Cheung

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