Fantastic beasts the final trailer : what did we learn ?

The final trailer is finally out !

Did you watch it ? we sure did and here’s what we learned !

First of all, the pictures are beautiful and we can feel the Dark Arts presence surrounding us as Grindelwald escapes from his jail and starts spreading fear in Paris and London. Check them out on our Pinterest board !

From PopBastion

As some suspected, Maledictus (aka Claudia Kim) is indeed Nagini, in the trailer you see her spectacular transformation into the fearsome snake that Neville Longbottom will vanquish in many years. It would seem that this terrible metamorphosis is the result of a curse so here’s our chance to learn more about it! Claudia Kim gave an interview last week with some more details and like Credence she is wondering about her place in the wizard world. Both seems to be working in a circus in Paris where they get to be friends.  

Dumbledore Jude Law
From Popbastion

Dumbledore is afraid for Newt and sends him to Paris in a "safe house", although Newt is unsure why Dumbledore won’t take up chasing Grindelwald himself as he’s a much more powerful wizard….It obviously looks like Dumbledore is uneasy about something ! But fear not, Newt is still very much looking out for fantastic beasts !

While Newt is reunited with his older brother Theseus, it seems that the latter asks his younger sibling to take a stand on whose side he is. Newt, very annoyed, replies that he hardly sees the need for it so maybe the brotherly bond will have to go through some rough patches before the brother reunite!

Queenie Goldstein
From PopBastion

Queenie seems to be somewhere wandering while Newt and Jacob work together to thwart Grindelwald and Jacob is in for a lot of magical moments to be sure !

Tina is investigating and ends up in a mysterious room covered with luminous white scriptures…. As she and her sister are not together it seems that Tina might also be looking for Queenie !

Magic is also here all the way as we see wizards going through walls and wands creating spells never seen before ! Get ready to study them with our Fantastic beasts collection  especially our Newt Scamander magical suitcase !

read more in Pottermore's article and WeeklyEntertainment's !

Cover picture from Pinterest

Lavender Cheung

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