London gets giant wands !

London will soon be decorated with giant wands to celebrate the upcoming Fantastic beasts movies and to support J.K Rowling charity Lumos. 

If you're in London from October 18th do not miss this, animations such as displays and music concerts are part of the plan for this exciting event ! A major Harry Potter fans meeting place to seek out owls and wizards so it will definitely be an extra-magical time not to be missed !

Harry Potter wand

Lumos's goal is to help orphans be reunited with their families and to offer the shelter should they not have any relatives able to care for them. A worthy goal that will surely bring more magic and love in the muggle and wizard worlds !


More in Magical Menagerie's article and on Lumos's website


Cover pic from fbfilmseries Instagram account. 


Lavender Cheung

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