Make room for our newest Scented Candles with Jewelry

Catch us light up our newest Scented Candle collection to fill any space with luxurious scents and transport anyone’s imagination to the Wizarding World. Hidden in each candle is a unique piece of accessory that will delight anyone who discovers it. 

Crafted in the south of France, Grasse, these premium Harry Potter candles are made with 100% natural ingredients like soy, coconut, and beeswax. The use of these healthier ingredients provide a long-lasting, clean burn to each candle. 

The Platform 9¾, Gringotts Bank, Marauder's Map candle, and the Hogwarts houses candle set, have about 45 to 64 hours burn time and come with their own unique fragrance. These spellbinding candles will create a cozy and captivating atmosphere with their wondrous aromas and themes. 

Fill your home with magic

  Platform 9¾ Scented Candle; Enriched          with powerful musky leather notes and            comes with a hidden Platform 9¾ ticket          pendant 






Gringotts Bank Scented Candle; Essenced with oriental orange blossom notes and comes with a metal coin keychain







  Marauder's Map Scented Candle;                  Engulfed with the scent of black tea and          comes with a Time Turner necklace.







Set of 4 Hogwarts Houses Scented Candles  With Charm Bracelet; The scents of Black  Vanilla, Fig Leaves, Berries, and Oud Wood fill each candle respectively.


Hong Kong Team

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