New characters and updates in Fantastic Beasts : the crimes of Grindelwald !

Here’s a new trailer for Fantastic Beasts : The crimes of Grindelwald and it tells us a lot! 

Dumbledore is revealed to be a Defense against Dark Art teacher : in the trailer he helps his students using spells against Boggart just like Lupin will with Harry during his own tenure as a Hogwarts’s teacher. We also see in the same scene that young Newt Scamander was already unlike most of his peers and was afraid of living a dull life. That for sure explains a lot about his career choice later on ! Speaking of which the new trailer gives us a glimpse of our friend the Niffler so the cute side of magic is back !

Dumbledore Jude Law
From Muggletnet

Another set of characters has also been revealed with the names of two Death Eaters ancestors: Vinda Rosier and Torquil Travers whose direct relatives will join Lord Voldemort as his earliest and most fervent followers. From what we can hear in the trailer, Grindlewald hardly seems less moderate about his own ideas to have the wizards rule the No-maj....

Leta Lestrange
From The Leaky Cauldron

Leta Lestrange, Newt Scamander’s brother love interest, will also have a preeminent role as she’s part of the Lestrange family whose influence is undeniable in the wizard world. Notably she also seems to have a family bond with Credence Barebone as they would both share the same father, Corvus Lestrange. Leta’s mother will also appear his the upcoming movie alongside her daughter so family time to be expected  ! Credence seems to be accompanied by Maledictus whose curse we mentioned recently as been one of the mysteries fans are actively trying to solve.

 Queenie Goldstein
From We heart it

The Goldstein’s sisters teacher from Ilvermorny will also be there : Prof Hicks is rumored to be the equivalent of Dumbledore in the American school of magic so we are eager to see how she is in the film !

Jacob Fantastic beasts
From Collider 

Nicolas Flamel, a name Harry, Ron and Hermione once took pains to find out about, is also meeting Newt and Jacob in the trailer ! Can’t wait to see what he will do for them !

 Sources : Elite daily, The Hindustan Times and Fansided 

Cover picture from Elite daily 

Lavender Cheung

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