Shawn Mendes reveals his deep love for Harry Potter

Shawn Mendes Harry Potter

In a recent Carpool Karaoke hosted by James Corden, Shawn Mendes reveals his “obsession” with Harry Potter.

Here’re some highlights of the show.

When being asked by Corden, “On a scale of 10 being crazed superfan and zero is, hate it, never seen it, where are you?” Mendes claimed to be a 9.5, saying “I have a whole book at home that I wrote all the spells in and stuff.”

As Corden and Mendes talked more and more about "Harry Potter," a lightning bolt scar -- just like Harry Potter's -- began to appear on Mendes' forehead, and ending up appearing in a full Gryffindor uniform.

Then, when Corden asked, "You're like a proper superfan?" Mendes denied it.

"No, I mean, I'm like a fan, I like it, but I'm not like crazy obsessed with it," said the singer, now in Dumbledore's robes and beard.

Watch the video here

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Lavender Cheung

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