Who’s the next Batman ?

Since Ben Affleck announced that he will not return as the Dark Knight, everyone’s attention has moved towards wanting to know who the next Bruce Wayne will be. Now, we do have some workable lead. And we bet that you know who it is?

Some recent support suggested Warner Bros. consider Robert Pattinson as a frontrunner to replace Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Gotham is shook!

Batman robert pattinson

According to Variety, the actor is close to sealing a deal to play “The Batman” in Matt Reeves forthcoming superhero film which, hits theaters June 25, 2021. While sources say it’s not yet a done deal, Pattinson is the top choice and it’s expected to close shortly. Warner Bros. had no comment.

Warner Bros. and DC have kept many details about the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman movie under wraps, but Robert Pattinson is for sure first in line to become the next Batman.

Can Cedric Diggory save Gotham City?

batman robert pattinson

The internet has been going crazy with the news, with positive reactions also come negative ones. Some fans are not into the idea of Robert Pattinson dawning the cape and cowl. Already petitions have been launched calling for Pattinson to be replaced before he’s even been officially cast. "Don't make the Batfleck mistake again," one petitions implores.

Batman robert pattinson

Many fans wanted to see Ben Affleck continue his portrayal of Batman. Warner Bros. and DC agreed that Batman needed a reboot with a younger start for the character so Ben Affleck’s older, weathered Batman was left behind.

But there is also plenty of support for Pattinson, with some pointing out there was similar hoopla surrounding Heath Ledger's selection as the Joker in "The Dark Knight." In a post on Twitter, Wright said, “Here for #RBatz”, showing his approval for the casting.

batman robert pattinson

Of course, Pattinson isn’t the only young British actor in the running. Moments after his name was announced,Deadline reported that Nicholas Hoult (whose experience as a member of the X-Men) was also a contender. At 33 and 29, respectively, either would be the youngest to ever take on the part and hopefully bring renewed energy to a role in need of it. With Reeves rumored to be developing an Alfred Hitchcock noir-inspired film that will emphasize the comic’s connections to detective fiction, it’s likely that this new Batman will be completely different than anything we’ve seen before.

Do you think Robert Pattinson will make a good Batman in the upcoming reboot? Are you happy with the casting choice? If not, who would you rather see play Batman?

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Sources: heroichollywood & CNNEntertainment

Lavender Cheung

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