You love the Niffler ? so do we !

The Niffler is arguably one of the funniest characters of the latest Fantastic beasts movie. Many online fans have drawn cartoons of the endearing little thief with his friends Newt and Bowtruckle (check out here our Pinterest to see more).

Here is why we agree with Pottermore's article about the Niffler getting his own franchise movie !

Harry Potter Niffler

Our Niffler totebag

1- He's funny : because he just can't stand still while travelling around the world, he keeps getting into trouble and it usually turns out to be quite messy ! Newt somehow manages to keep him out of doing mischief most of the time, but there's no knowing what Niffler will invent next time !

2- He's cute : fluffy, furry and quite humorous, his greedy but fearless character is aligned with his appearance and makes us smile and laugh ! when he's found out doing something bad, he either tends to freeze or to hide, making it even more hilarious.

Harry Potter Niffler

From Movieweb

3- He's openly greedy : no matter where he is, Niffler will try to get his hand onto your money and jewelry so beware ! He loves accumulating shiny items and has rather fancy tastes as we can see when he breaks into a high-end shop, causing Newt and Jacob a lot of problems. 

4- He's the reason why Newt meets Porpentina : Niffler could not hold still as soon as Newt arrived in the United States and eventually brings together the couple as Porpentina spots  and arrest Newt because he's trying to prevent the Niffler from stealing all the good denizens of New York city !

Read more in Pottermore's article and check out our Niffler bag for more cuteness !

Cover picture from the Daily Dot


Lavender Cheung

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