Nevermore Academy Purple Shopping Bag


Indulge in the world of Wednesday and Nevermore Academy with this exceptional purple shopping bag, where fashion meets fandom in the most stylish and sophisticated way.

Every detail counts, even on the inside. The Nevermore Academy emblem and the uniform's iconic purple stripes proudly grace the outside of this bag. Inside, a tastefully designed emblem serves as the zip, with a repeating pattern on the inner lining, adding a touch of exclusivity to your belongings.

The spacious interior of this shopping bag allows ample room to accommodate all your essentials and purchases effortlessly. Whether you're carrying books, gadgets, or personal belongings, this bag has got you covered.

For the ultimate ensemble, pair this striking bag with our exquisite purple Nevermore Academy blazer. 

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French Design

Cinereplicas Trademark

Official Wednesday MGM License

  •  Composition : PVC & Polyester 
  • Bag dimensions: approx. 42 x 34 x 15.5 cm 

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