Harry Potter Halloween yummy apple lollies recipe !

Get ready for Halloween with an amazing recipe shared with us by @Quillsandquaffles aka Lyndsey who baked beautiful apples lollies with our Harry Potter characters cookie cutter ! Feel like you'd like to try ? Follow the recipe and you'll have yummy apples lollies soon !

Here are the steps as shared by our talented chef !

What you will need 

Chocolate of your choice 
Ready to roll icing 
Lolly sticks 
Baking paper 


To make 

Start by piercing the sticks into the apples. 
You might also want to lay some grease proof baking paper out on a tray or something at this point as you'll need it to place your apples on once you've covered them in chocolate. 

Melt the chocolate (we used 450g of white chocolate) in a small but deep pan or bowl. 

When the chocolate is nice and smooth, take an apple by the stick and dip it into the pan. 
Use a spoon to drizzle chocolate over any of the apple left showing. 

Place the covered apples on the baking paper. 

Harry Potter kawaii cookie cuttersFrom @Quillsandquaffles

Once you've covered all of your apples, sprinkle on your decoration. 
You then need to place the apples into the fridge. (Having them on a tray made this so much easier) 

Harry Potter kawaii cookie cutters
From @Quillsandquaffles

Roll out your ready to roll icing. 

Harry Potter kawaii cookie cutters
From @Quillsandquaffles

Use the amazing cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. (This was so easy because they work so well! I love them!) 

Harry Potter cookie cutters kawaii
We then placed our shapes into the freezer for a short while so they'd be easier to handle while sticking them on to the apples. 

When the chocolate on the apples is set, take out your shapes and use some of the left over melted chocolate to stick them on to the apples. 

Its as easy as that! 
Enjoy :) 

 You can check out more recipes on our Youtube channel and on our blog (Yoghurt cake, garnished cookies recipes and many more !)




Lavender Cheung

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