5 essentials for this Halloween

Triwizard T-shirts

A sportive wizarding look, perfect for some intense trick-or-treating! Dont' let ghosts or the dark arts scare you and run around to get your favorite candies !

Halloween essential Harry Potter triwizard t-shirt


The most essential item for a magical Halloween costume ! Your robe will transform you into a student and maybe something more during this spooky night !
Halloween essentials Harry Potter robe

Hair accessories

No brainer hairstyling hack to complete your costume ! Get a unique look to show who you are among you fellow wizards and witches !

Halloween essentials Harry Potter hair accessories

Harry Potter Bakeware

Raise the magical level of your Halloween party! Your friends will love your cute cookies and you cake decorated with enchanted candles !

Halloween essentials Harry Potter bakeware

Temporary Tattoo

Game up your Halloween makeup.
Why not put a Dark Mark on your arm and become a Death Eater for one night?

Halloween essentials Harry Potter temporary tattoo


Magical buy 2 get 1 free promotion* to get equipped for Halloween at a lower price

Halloween essentials Harry Potter promotion

Lavender Cheung

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